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VIDEO: Uninterrupted Peeta/Katniss “Real or Not Real” Clip Uploaded in HQ

For those of us who weren’t terribly happy that yesterday’s “Real or Not Real” clip was released within another video and with people talking over it, we can breathe easy now because Lionsgate has uploaded the full clip, uninterrupted and in HQ, to their Youtube account. The Katniss/Johanna clip is also up on Youtube now.

Once again, I must warn you: it’s a pivotal, emotional scene so if you want to save your feels for opening day, do not watch this clip! It’s an amazing clip, but it’s definitely one of those crucial moments you don’t want to see out of context.

For those of you who are brave enough to give it a go, be sure to comment below and tell us what you thought of it– I can’t get over how great Josh and Jen’s performances are here! *Feels*

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