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‘Mockingjay’ Part 2 Review Watch: What the Critics Are Saying – Nov 6th


If you haven’t yet read our fellow Jabberjays’ reviews of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, I highly encourage you all to go read them! These are reviews from fans to fans, completely spoiler-free, and giving you a real idea of what you can expect from the movie. You can read Ciara’s review here, and Sarah’s here.

Now that the buzz is slowing down after the World Premiere in Berlin and the London premiere, we’re getting less reviews each day, and the next big wave probably won’t hit until the film gets more screenings in the USA. Still, there are still a few reviews trickling in, so here are the summaries for your convenience.

As of right now, Mockingjay Part 2 has gone up 1 point since yesterday, up to a 90% Tomatometer “Fresh” score, with 2 rotten reviews out of 20 total. Here are some of the reviews that hit the web since last night’s review watch; some of them have already been added to Rotten Tomatoes and some of them haven’t, so keep in mind that the percentage is still fluctuating. Reviews with spoilers are marked, so read at your own discretion!

  • Starburst (8/10, mild spoilers): Applauds the amount of action, although it takes a while to get going, and speaks positively of Gwendoline Christie’s intervention and how it brings the themes of the movie to the forefront. States that director Francis Lawrence “fumbles one of the biggest and most tragic deaths” but makes up for it with an intense scene from Jennifer. Complains the deaths are “far too bloodless” and some of the traps feel “set-up to allow easy escape” but comments positively on the sewer sequence. Approves of the book split as it allows the story to progress “more naturally.” Dislikes Peeta’s “flip-flopping” which is “vaguely tiresome,” but admits most of the negatives in the movie come directly from the book. Praises the bleaker tone and the focus on the consequences of war. Concludes it is a “fittingly dark end” for the franchise.
  • Screenrelish (3/5): Comments that the film “twists the knife with unpredictable malice” in a way that’s “more SAVING PRIVATE RYAN than child-friendly-franchise,” but these darker themes “flesh out an otherwise pallid film.” Finds the Peeta/Katniss moments “too interchangeable to carry any real weight” and states the movie “feels like the tail end” of Mockingjay Part 1. Calls Katniss “morose, humble, resolute,” which she says sets the tone for the entire movie, and the supporting characters “dote around her” and “generally worship her every move.” Notes the sewer sequence as a standout, and comments this faster pace “crops up throughout,” in-between character moments that bring “a much-needed sense of wider understanding.” Praises Jennifer’s acting and states that PSH “pales disappointingly into the background.”
  • Den of Geek (4/5, mild spoilers): Declares the film is “a better movie than the previous one,” with a slow start that builds up at “breakneck speed.” Praises the action sequences and the violence that pushes the rating, commending Francis Lawrence for the focus on the consequences of this violence. States that it feels “occasionally feels a bit heavy-handed,” but feels this is okay in the context of a movie aimed at younger audiences. Comments the film has “kind of happy ending,” which she believes is good to balance the general bleakness. Praises Jennifer’s lead, as well as Elizabeth, Woody, Jena and Donald in their supporting roles, giving kudos to the screenwriters. Comments the movie is “probably a bit too long,” but considers that a minor criticism. Concludes that the movie “is a fitting end” to “a story that deserves to live on.”
  • (8/10, SPOILERS!): Opens with the idea that the film is “filled with deaths, hopelessness, pain and sorrow.” It does mention there’s “a long moment where the film stagnates,” where the audience might feel “a bit bored,” but the pace picks up when they get to the Capitol. Concludes the film is “depressing, beautifully sad and painfully real,” and that it feels “incredibly melancholic” despite ending on a more positive note. Praises the performances of Jennifer, Josh and PSH, as well as the sequence in the tunnels. Also applauds the imagery and the score.

What do you think of these reviews? I keep finding more and more obscure entertainment outlets whose reviews probably won’t make it into or Metacritic, but they’re still interesting to read. The Screenrelish one I admit I didn’t quite get (it started out pretty negative but by the end they were praising the things they had just criticized? I don’t even know), but I’m glad most of these seem to be very positive. How about you? Comment and tell us how you feel about these, if you read them.

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