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VIDEO: Watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Press Conference in Madrid

Spoilers! Though if you’ve seen the press conference in LA, then you should be fine!

Watch Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Nina Jacobson answer questions about the series from yesterdy in Madrid, Spain. Francis Lawrence was there too but unfortunately there is no question or answer from him. Liam recounts the last day on set, his emotional hug with Josh and Woody Harrelson getting choked up. Josh talks about the decision to split the novel in adaptation and how difficult it would have been to do Peeta’s Mockingjay arc in one film. Jennifer talks about them not being teen movies but having an important and thought provoking message at the centre. Josh talks about Suzanne Collins not talking down to her teenage audience and showing them respect by knowing they think about more than just sex.

Jennifer, up to her old press conference tricks again, writes something on paper to show to Nina to make her laugh. Josh and Jennifer talk about the ridiculous press tour schedule, Jennifer says she has been to Madrid three times and yet has never breathed the actual air in Madrid outside a hotel or airport. Jennifer compares herself to Katniss somewhat reluctantly (hey, just like Katniss). Jennifer doesn’t feel she filmed more action than say The Hunger Games but sites the sewer scene as particularly difficult to shoot in comparison with filming a comedy (which she’s never done). Jennifer, Josh and Liam say whether they would do a franchise again or not. Nina states how much money The Hunger Games series has made at the box office shocking Jennifer: “WOAH!”

Liam talks of his support for gender equality. Josh and Liam talk about the gap in gender representation on film and how they have no problem playing second hand to a woman. Jennifer says she would start a revolution on climate change, something she is very passionate about. Josh says he supports individual thinking and would revolt against zeitgeist and people becoming thoughtless, zombie consumers. From the set Jennifer took a couple of bows, Josh took the locket and a pair of sweat pants and Liam took friendship and memories (aww!).

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