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VIDEO: Jennifer, Josh, Liam, Donald and Francis Interview on GMA

Just in case you didn’t want to watch the new clip that debuted on Good Morning America, we decided to separate the stories. In this one you can just watch the interview without the brand new clip. To see it head over to our earlier post.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland and Francis Lawrence visited Good Morning America in Times Square to talk about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. I love how this interview begins with Jennifer pointing out a fan’s sign that references “It’s challenging and hard.” It’s amazing that that’s caught on with fans. It’s an inside joke that began with this interview with JoBlo, when Jen, Josh and Liam became so tired and hysterical they began repeating themselves. It was challenging and hard!

Francis is asked about visiting Paris a few days before the recent terrorist attacks and the decision to scale back the premiere by not selling the movie to press but focusing on the fans instead. This was due to the time they spent working in Paris and most of the Part 2 crew being French. Josh says that they don’t have separation anxiety because they never separated. Liam adds that they were never colleagues, always friends.

Donald Sutherland describes what it is like, after the career he has had, to take pictures with young fans as President Snow. Jennifer confirms she could never have expected this level of fan support way back in 2012. Francis calls The Hunger Games the most creatively fulfilling experience of his life and how the cast are far more professional than musicians.

Jennifer is called the most unprofessional because she genuinely never learns her lines for the day. They all talk about how excited they are for people to see the film and confirm it is the final one in the story. Sticking to his aims from the very beginning, Donald sums it up beautifully:

It’s a wonderful anti-war picture. And if young people go and look at it and become politicized, get up off their chairs and organize themselves, it will be a true success.

Well said, Mr Sutherland. I believe it already has done that and, hopefully, will continue to inspire the young.

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