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Box Office Update: MJ2 Earns $16M In US Preview Screenings, No. 1 in China


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 preview screenings in the US have come and gone, and the numbers are in! THR reports this morning that the film made $16M from preview screenings in the domestic market. This is a HUGE number when compared to its closest new-coming competitor, Julia Roberts’ Secret in Their Eyes, which made around $170K from preview screenings.

At the same time, it’s still around $1M less than Mockingjay Part 1’s intake last year, and much less than Catching Fire‘s $25M made in 2013, so there’s room to grow there. If you didn’t go out to see the movie on preview night, be sure to go this weekend! Opening weekend numbers are important!

The US and Canada weren’t the only ones contributing big numbers to Lionsgate’s coffers last night: the movie also opens today in China, and with the time difference, we already have numbers for Chinese opening day. The movie made around $5M on its first day, which is around 50% less than it Part 1 did last year in the same period, but personally I think it’s a bit of an apple-and-oranges comparison, as the movie opened on a Sunday last year.

Either way the film is doing big numbers already. As of today it has already earned $43M worldwide, debuting at no. 1 in 66 out of the 68 territories in which it debuted. It’s still got some 19 countries where it’s opening today, so stay tuned for more numbers soon.

Did you watch the movie on preview night, or are you planning on going later this weekend? Are you planning on seeing it multiple times? Sound off in the comments. And if you’ve already seen it, don’t forget to drop by our spoilers discussion post and share your thoughts on it with your fellow fans!

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