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VIDEOS: Josh and Elizabeth on Live with Kelly and Michael, Sam on The Talk

A couple of days ago, Josh Hutcherson appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael followed by Elizabeth Banks the following day. While Live with Kelly and Michael have released no official clips on their YouTube we now have video thanks to The Entertainment Spot and TheEntertainmentPlace.

Josh talks about the epic parties he throws and relives the time his house was full of Swedish people he didn’t know dancing and dressing in costumes he had. He then speaks up about the Part 2 party he hosted after the LA premiere where Woody Harrelson spent all night at the beer pong table. He then discusses how he got in to the intense head space of someone like Peeta in the last film. He confirms how hard it was to say goodbye and what he took from the set.

Next up, Elizabeth Banks confirms that there is a Pitch Perfect 3 in the works and what the odds are for Beach Boys being covered in the sequel. She chats about how she is now a fly fisher and what she eats on Thanksgiving. Finally they talk Effie Trinket. She touts the exhibition in New York, describes her incredible costumes and saying goodbye to her Hunger Games family.

We also have video of Sam Claflin on The Talk. They start with Sharon Osborne congratulating him and his wife who are expecting their first baby. He reminisces of the time his parents arrived on the Pirates of the Caribbean set to meet Johnny Depp. He explains the plot of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 and Finnick’s role within it. To prove that he is not as slick as Mr Odair, he speaks about his clumsiness in an excruciatingly. embarrassing meeting with his ex-girlfriend’s family for the first time. They finish by gifting Sam a Finnick onesie based on his costume in the Quarter Quell, complete with miniature trident and bib with ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Spit Up’ written on it… and who said we’re the Capitol?!

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