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VIDEO: Francis Lawrence on the Legacy of The Hunger Games

Speaking to TIME, Francis Lawrence was asked to reflect on The Hunger Games series now that the last chapter has been released. He talks about being in the world of Panem year after year and not being worried about the films being too dark for kids:

“Part of the reason that the series is a success… is that the author decided to write stories about the consequence of war and the consequence of violence for teenagers but treated them with respect and didn’t flinch. Often adults don’t give kids enough credit.”

He talks about the protests in Thailand that adopted Katniss’ three finger salute, about life reflecting art that reflected history and the spray paint of Katniss quotes in Ferguson, Missouri. However, he adds that the stories are far from condoning or inciting violence:

“I don’t want to promote violence, and part of the themes of these movies is that you have to be careful going into conflict… even if revolution is needed, you have to be very careful because there will be loss and there will be consequence,” he says.

On the subject of the legacy of the film series, Francis knows of the passionate fanbase and how much Katniss, Peeta and Gale meant to them. He hopes when they grow older that they may wish to share these stories with their children:

“Ideally these become movies that people sort of want to pass down and show again, that hold sort of a special place in their hearts.”

Source: TIME

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