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VIDEO: Jennifer, Josh and Liam on Yoda, Kissing and Group Texts in Cheery Interview

In an interview with Yahoo! Spain in Madrid, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth were delightfully funny, stupid and barely answered any question satisfactorily being more preoccupied with making each other laugh. Josh suggests that Jennifer prepared for her strained voice after being choked by Peeta by watching Star Wars and imitating Yoda. Josh sings for no reason while Jennifer confirmed she didn’t prank either of them in kissing scenes. She also felt it was wrong to take a role where she had to kiss Chris Hemsworth in a film having already kissed his younger brother. They confirm (in unison) that Woody Harrelson cried the most on the last day on set. They talk about their ‘HG Group Text’ and how they mostly discuss their bowel movements on it. Liam once again references the terrible night terrors he has experienced during filming and the press tour. Josh jokes that the demon in his dreams had Katniss’ choked voice. Jennifer ends the interview by saying The Hunger Games has changed their lives by haunting them all.

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