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UPDATE: VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence on Amy Schumer, Hunger Games and Passengers

Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and spoke about Amy Schumer, The Hunger Games and Passengers while sipping beer. That’s our girl! She describes how she ended up dancing on Billy Joel’s piano with Amy Schumer. Of course, The Hunger Games crops up, she says it rocked and she’s still finding it hard to accept that she’s never doing it again. She reminisces about their house party with Woody chasing her with his sock and Liam and Josh playing tug of war with their teeth with one of her t-shirts. She then moves on to what is next and explains why she ended up taking Passengers after she wanted to say no but the script kept pulling her back. Here is Jennifer on the cover of EW:

jennifer lawrence ew cover

Woah, it just got a little hot in here! Thanks to JenLawIta for the tip!

Update: We have this new shot from the EW photo shoot thanks to @JenniferUpdates:

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