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VIDEOS: Hunger Games Cast and Crew Talk to BackstageOL

Just when you thought the press junket interviews were all done and dusted, more are uploaded to the internet! First up Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth talk about the bittersweet end, no more sequels for Katniss, Peeta and Gale and how their characters have developed over four movies. Very worryingly, Josh brings up a horrible story about a recent fan encounter and death threats to his girlfriend which they all seem to laugh off pretty well mostly because they can’t top it.

Next is Elizabeth Banks and Julianne Moore. Elizabeth is honoured to be part of a story with female characters written by a female author, Julianne Moore talks about the stories’ mass appeal and how the anxieties of the young are reflected. Elizabeth chips in that the stories reflect our own world and reminds us to participate. They both discuss what filming was like in Berlin: “Bike riding in the sun and beer gardens.”

This is followed by a triumvirate of Sam Claflin, Jena Malone and Natalie Dormer. Sam describes the mixed emotions going through his body at the end of this journey, Jena thinks that 40 years from now they will all be really proud to have been a part of The Hunger Games (or should that be a piece in The Hunger Games?!). They agree to meet up again at the theme park or stage show and Natalie confirms how proud she is to have worked on these films and how well told they are. Sam says it was a rare opportunity to be surrounded by incredible filmmakers and actors and Jena was stunned every day because she was a huge fan of the books.

Donald Sutherland, as you can imagine, reiterates the importance of these stories as a catalyst to activate today’s youth. It has been a sentiment he has kept from the very beginning. Now if only someone would ask a follow-up question instead, siting how he has mentioned this since 2012 and what his thoughts are on Katniss’ influence in places like Thailand and Ferguson. But this interview, as all of Donald’s are, is fascinating nonetheless. Breaking from every one else, he claims these films are not over; making them is over but the reaction to them has only just begun and that is far more important and has the ability to activate and politicize young people to change their world for the better – that in itself is the appeal of these films. He was drawn to the film not because of the role but because of the idea of the story and the power of the script. He wanted to see if it would catalyze teenagers in to action and now he is going to sit back and see if Part 2 worked. We do love him at!

And finally, the director himself, Francis Lawrence talks about how proud he his of the films and the work everyone put in over the last three years. He describes the exahusting experiences of directing an ensemble cast all at once if there were several major actors in one scene. At the end of the interview, he opens up about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s involvement in Mockingjay Part 2 and how he wishes he was in the film more.

Thanks to Hunger Games Daily for the tip!

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