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VIDEO: Hunger Games Cast and Crew on What They Like Most and Least About Each Other

A German interview with the cast and crew of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 has popped up on Yahoo! Spain of all places. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth once again talk about the bitter sweet goodbyes after the completion of all four movies. They talk of how smoothly and how fun filming was, their love for each other and also for the whole crew (“whatever their names are,” jokes Jennifer). Julianne Moore felt grateful to be welcomed halfway through the series. Jennifer is asked what she likes most and least about Josh and Liam and gives an answer we’ve never heard before which is a perk. Then the men are asked what they like most and least about Jennifer (“You can’t handle it,” comments Josh).

Francis Lawrence lists the wonderful things about Jennifer and how fun she is to work with. Josh summarizes why Katniss’ story means so much to so many people and why they are important and hopefully influential. They talk about the lack of equality in Hollywood by stories being told about women. Julianne says recently there has been an increase in exceptional stories about women, well told by women that were huge successes; Francis comments that Hollywood is sometimes afraid to step out of their comfort zone but things are changing and more women are being hired behind the camera. Natalie Dormer states that Katniss proves a flawed and complex female character at the center of a story is commercially viable and hopes the change is coming in Hollywood.

Stay to the end of the video to see Jennifer Lawrence collapse out of her lady-like pose in to one of comfort after the interview ends.

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