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VIDEOS: Willow Shields and Elden Henson Answer Fan Questions at Exhibition

As you well know, The Hunger Games: The Exhibition has moved to San Francisco and Willow Shields and Elden Henson dropped by to check it out and answer a tonne of your questions via Twitter by using the hashtag #AskHungerGames. Below are their responses, including which character they would save from death in the films, their favourite quotes, their excitement at being cast, their final day on set and much more. Were you lucky enough to have your question answered?

The Exhibition is open on- ah I’ll just let Willow tell you:

The exhibit is at the Palace of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall and runs through until May 31st. If you can get there, make sure to pay it a visit; the Exhibition is a must for any fan. You can purchase tickets here. You can also see our very own Jabberjay Cory’s artwork on display, given the thumbs up approval here by Willow and Elden! (Cory’s is the bottom one).


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