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First of all, hi to everyone who’s still visiting this site! We’re not posting as much, but we’re still around. 🙂

We usually try not to post anything political, unless it’s directly related to The Hunger Games‘ cast and/or crew. However, one of the things we love most about the Hunger Games series is the insight it gives us readers into our world as it currently stands, and the dark path it might be headed down depending on the decisions we make in the present. This sharp commentary on modern society is a big part of what makes The Hunger Games stand out when compared to other series in the Young Adult category.

We were recently made aware of a new Hunger Games-themed website that will relate events currently happening, particularly in the United States, to the world of The Hunger Games. Regardless of where you stand in the current political climate, we think it’s always a good idea to spark young people’s curiosity and interest in current events, as they might affect their way of life in the future.

The Hunger Games fandom is in a unique position to do that, so in that spirit, we’re glad to point you all to Rise of Panem as they open for the public today. We support their effort to share important information and generate discussion. Their official information is in their press release below; give them a visit if you can!

Contact Information:

Rise of Panem Website Launches


Concerned citizens and Hunger Games fans will launch Rise of Panem, a website devoted to documenting the transition from the United States of America to the fictional country of Panem from the Hunger Games trilogy on March 16, 2017.

Rise of Panem will present current political news through the lens of the world created by Suzanne Collins in the Hunger Games series. It will connect current events with the policies of the books, drawing attention to connections between individuals and specific policies. Each Panem District takes on a fascist characteristic in order to categorize the news and help readers better analyze the occurring events.

Young readers have learned about the world through the Hunger Games series. Rise of Panem will harness the experiences from the books and help these readers better understand how the books’ themes are present in current-day politics. We hope to foster an interest in politics in these young fans, as well as acknowledgement of its importance in society.

Through taking real news articles and changing the names to Panem names, this website will create real discussions about real issues and highlight the growing connections between our world and the not-so-distant dystopian setting of Panem.

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