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GIVEAWAY: The Hunger Games 10th Anniversary Set

The other day, I came to this site by chance to look for something, and I realized that it had been a year since we’d posted anything new. It made me a bit sad, because our readers and our community had become something pretty special to all the Jabberjays. We’ve all moved on with our lives. I’m full-time in my editing business (with Carla as one of my proofreaders!). Others have gone on traveling adventures, started college, moved to exciting new places, and poured their hearts into their communities. We had a great group of people here at Jabberjays, and it’s still awesome to have know everyone.

Last night I went to Amazon and stumbled upon these 10th anniversary covers coming out next month, and they’re so gorgeous that it was finally enough to get me to post something new. And since it’s a big milestone for the series that touched all our hearts, Jabberjays is doing a giveaway.

(Above image is a mockup)

This new set comes out November 1, though only The Hunger Games and Mockingjay‘s editions are up on US Amazon. I couldn’t find an image with a high-enough resolution to read what the THG cover says, but the Mockingjay one says, “This uninhabitable region shall serve as a reminder of the uprising that once tore apart our nation.”

The giveaway opens today and will end in about three weeks. The giveaway is restricted to residents of the United States.

One of the entry methods below is subscribing to my Book Lovers Box, and I thought I should explain a bit about that, since it’s a somewhat new thing I launched earlier this year, and most people have no idea what it is. The Book Lovers Box is a digital subscription box of ebooks that gets delivered via a newsletter I write up once a month. I pick a theme, recruit authors for the box, and put together the newsletter, which includes things like book-related giveaways, puzzles, comics, freelancing tips, writing tips, creative templates, and clickable GIFs that take you to book deals. It’s great for people who love to read!

We hope all of you are doing well, and as always with giveaways: May the odds be ever in your favor! The Hunger Games 10th Anniversary Giveaway

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