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Note: The staff page for is still being built. Please check back later! is a fansite community staffed by 19 Hunger Games super fans from around the world.

Owner & Operations Manager

Name: Crystal Watanabe
Age: 40
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Background: The owner of, Crystal is a full-time freelance fiction editor for her business, Pikko’s House. Her interests stretch far beyond The Hunger Games into other fandoms and hobbies. A Game of Thrones fan since the late 1990s, she is the owner of Fictional Food and She is also a published cookbook author, having co-authored the popular cute bento cookbooks Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches and Yum-Yum Bento All Year Round.

Managing News Editor

Name: Carla Pinilla
Age: 29
Location: Germany

Background: Carla is a Chemical Engineer from Panama (Central America), currently doing a Master’s in Polymer Science in Berlin, Germany. A consummate fangirl, she has been involved in various fandoms since her teens, running several fandom sites under her domain She also designed and currently runs the official website of Latino Lit author Silvio Sirias. When she’s not thinking way too deeply about The Hunger Games series, she’s reading, writing (mainly fanfiction), or watching way too many TV shows.

Editorial Manager

Name: Ciara McIntyre
Location: Ireland

Public Relations Manager

Name: Sarah Napier
Age: 20
Location: United Kingdom

Background: Sarah is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, whilst working part time as a brand and marketing manager. She has been involved in website production from a very young age, and it was this passion that led her to create her own comprehensive entertainment site, Focus Film. Sarah loves the film industry, and is currently working to root herself firmly amongst it. The Hunger Games is her safe haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but she also loves the works of JK Rowling, and travelling the world.

Social Media Outreach Coordinator

Name: Tash Leary
Age: 26
Location: Australia

Background: Tash holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Business (Marketing) and Computing and currently works in communications and media. She has been involved in fansites since 2002 and was the owner of the hugely popular Kath and Kim (Australian version) fansite (since disbanded after the show’s run ended), which regularly received more visitors than the show’s official website. Aside from The Hunger Games her fandom interests include Game of Thrones, Divergent and anything gaming-related.

News Editors

Name: Erin Poulin
Location: Canada

Name: Hannah Chong
Location: Australia

Name: Natalie Ellem
Location: Australia

Name: Jared Beasley Sharpe
Location: Georgia, USA

Name: Jackson Brooks Sharpe
Location: Georgia, USA

Name: Phil Barrett-Turner
Location: Canada

Name: Vivien Schmidt
Location: Germany

Name: Grant Gibbs
Location: New Jersey, New York

Name: Zack DiGirolamo
Location: Portland, CT

Video Editor

Name: Cory Simpson
Location: North Carolina, USA

Graphical Artist

Name: Luan Leer
Location: United Kingdom

Event Reporters

Name: Jennifer Webster
Location: Los Angeles, California

Newsletter Editor

Name: Shannon
Location: Virginia, USA

Social Media Beat Reporter

Name: Ronnie Lauth
Location: Knoxville, TN

Jabberjay Interns

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